Site Update

  • The new section hardware has been added to the Atari 800 category and my scan of ezcontents' excellent Atari 800 XL PCB remake is the first entry. It helps a lot in finding the correct component on a populated board.
  • All "" links have been removed from productions since the corresponding website is down. Going forward I'll try to provide youtube videos where they are missing.
  • FAQ, Bad Apple HD, and other articles with been enhanced with more details, better wording, and fixed links.
  • AtariROMChecker has been enhanced with and the "Atari ROM Patcher" tool to display, compute and fix OS checks sums for Atari XL/XE computers. Also, typos and swapped columns in the documentation have been fixed. Also, the disk images are now single density, so they also work on Atari 810.