This release aimed to get back on the latest Java and Eclipse versions. There are no functional changes.

Java and Eclipse

  • Java 11 is now the minimum requirement. Tests have also been conducted with Java 16.
  • Eclipse 2021-03 (4.19) is now the minimum requirement. Things will likely also work with versions 4.12 to 4.18 but have not been tested explicitly.



  • New answers to recurring questions regarding the installation of Java were added.


  • Many typos were fixed on the features page and the installation page.
  • Copyright, features, and GPL were updated to 2021.
  • If you see error messages and missing icons on the tabs in Eclipse upon start, your workspace needs to be refreshed. To this end, the ".metadata" folder inside the workspace folder must be deleted. This will also reset all your preferences, so export them before using "File / Export / Preferences / Assembler Preferences". When Eclipse is started again, you can import the projects and preferences again into the workspace. Yes, because the structure of the preferences section has changed to now support Pascal in addition to 6502 assembly language, not all values can be imported again,

Request for Help

It's been 11 years since I started using the plugin. Some significant things have changed in Eclipse, and I'd need help replacing the deprecated action/actionSets extension point. So, if anybody reading this has experience with PDE development in recent Eclipse builds, please get in touch with me.