This release aimed to gain long-term stability and include pending fixes. It contains a lot of internal cleanups that you cannot set at the surface. The following visible changes are relevant for the users.

Java and Eclipse

  • After seven years of successfully maintaining compatibility with Java 1.6/1.7, all Eclipse versions, and the 32-bit architectures, an era ends. Support by fixes in Java and Eclipse is only available for Java 1.8 and Eclipse 4.10 and later, and both do not support 32-bit development environments anymore. Understandable in a time when every mobile phone has an 8-core 64-bit architecture. Therefore WUDSN IDE 1.7.1 requires Java 1.8, Eclipse 2019-06 (4.12), and a 64-bit operating system as a minimum.
  • The 1.7.1 is intentionally a minor version update, so there are no significant feature changes, and people who cannot migrate to the new environment can download the older version from the Releases page.


  • Source code editor added with the first version of syntax highlighting for Pascal Source Files (".pas")¬† that can be used with Mad Pascal.
  • Since building with MapPascal is a multi-step process, an example script file for compiling is included in the "Atari800/Pascal" folder of the zero installation download.

Hex Editor

  • Support for parsing the structure of files in Interchange File Format ("IFF") added.

Sound Editor

  • ¬†POKEY emulation updated to ASAP 4.0.0 for compatibility and more accurate replay.


  • Online help now works again, thanks to the update to Java 1.8 and the newer Eclipse version.
  • Atari TrueType fonts by Mark Schmelzenbach are updated to version 1.2, which fixes the capital "J" look.
  • If the "Skip All Breakpoints" option is active, breakpoints are now correctly skipped.
  • Copyright, features, and GPL updated to 2020.
  • All links to the WUDSN site have been updated from "http://" to https://"

Request for Help

It's been 11 years now since I started with the plugin. Some significant things have changed in Eclipse, and I'd need help replacing the deprecated action/actionSets extension point. So if anybody reading this has experience with PDE development in the recent Eclipse builds, please get in touch with me.