It is always gratifying to see people who like the result of the complex and utterly useless demo coding for obsolete machines. So here's a nice video from a Polish guy I don't know.

Click to watch video

"In June 2017, this demo appeared. It is an advertisement for the Silly Venture 2017 party. JAC wrote this demo (or call it invitro)!, and Glafouk did the music for this demo. It's a 16kb production, and it's already loaded here on EPROM. I will keep myself silent 'coz I don't want to make noise. The most important thing is what will happen on the screen in a moment. I hope you will enjoy it. How did you like the demo? I am thrilled. Call it intro, invitro, whatever. I am just thrilled. Excellent cooperation of coders; those pals are genuinely impressive.

Thanks, man, for these encouraging words! I'll consider them a kick in my a... to get my Silly Venture 2018 done and check my hotel bookings asap :-)