• If the title derived from the file name and the title in the cartridge database are equal, no confirmation dialog is displayed anymore.
  • Usage of the SHIFT modifier is now the same in the expert and extended menus. When starting and entering with SHIFT, i.e., FIRE+SHIFT, RETURN+SHIFT, or RETURN+SHIFT+CONTROL, the configuration registers of "The!Cart" remain unlocked. Using the CONTROL modifier in addition, i.e., RETURN+CONTROL or RETURN+SHIFT+CONTROL, indicates that the inner menu of the cartridge containing the entry is started instead of starting the entry directly. Note that FIRE+CONTROL alone cannot be detected on the Atari due to how POKEY works.
  • Built-in MyPicoDOS and flasher software from hias updated from version 4.05T (2014-04-07) to 4.06T (2017-09-24):
    • A ".CAR" file loader was added to load cartridge images up to 512k from the disk into the "The!Cart" RAM without flashing them. Very useful for fast test cycles during development.
    • Attract mode is now disabled when using joystick navigation.
    • Added directory and drive switching using a joystick.
    • Bugfix: Don't disable high-speed SIO if reading a directory fails.
  • The generated unit test cartridges now contain more details, including the "The!Cart" mode used for emulation. In addition, the VBI is now active, so the cartridge can be interrupted using TurboFreezer to analyze problems on the actual hardware.


  • A bug added in the 2018-05-05 version that can prevent entries from being added when they are in the cartridge database was fixed.
  • The content type "XEGS 32 KB" is now correctly mapped to the "The!Cart" mode for "XEGS 32 KB" instead of "Switchable XEGS 32 KB" in the extended menu. With this, cartridges that use bank numbers with bit 7 set now work correctly, for example, "Castle Crisis".
  • Import conversion for Williams 32 KB ROM is more robust now and always generates a new filename for the converted file.
  • File and conversion errors occurring while adding new entries are now reported correctly in the status bar.