• Import of Williams 32 KB ".ROM" and ".CAR" files now automatically converts the file to a Williams 64 KB".CAR" file in case only the Williams 64 KB bank switching scheme is supported by the flash target type of the workbook.
  • The new Atari800 cartridge types and corresponding content types for "Atrax 128 KB" (68), "aDawliah 32 KB" (69), and "aDawliah 64 KB" (70) have been added to the cartridge detection and unit test generation. Note that they are not supported by "The!Cart" itself. But if you have used "Atarax 128" (17) (which is supported by "The!Cart") in your existing workbooks, you have to re-classify the corresponding entries now as "Decoded Atarax 128" (17). This is an incompatible change, but I want to be 100% in sync with Atari800 and its definitions.
  • The cartridge database has been updated to Kr0tki's version from 2018-04-24. Now, 839 instead of 737 known titles, 807 instead of 717 known content types.
  • If a matching entry in the cartridge database is found when adding a file, the user is prompted to decide if the proposed title from the database should be used

  • The About dialog now also displays the number of supported content types.


  • Import of Maxflash Programming ATRs now automatically converts the ".ATR" file to a ".CAR" file only if the flash target type of the workbook supports the Atarimax bank switching scheme.