Right after the last update in January, my Laptop with all my coding and website stuff ran into an irreparable SSD failure. It took almost three months to get everything back in place again. Finally, I finished the last mile today and am happy to publish an update again. Meanwhile, the site has received over 40.000 and over 200 likes on Facebook. That is quite a benchmark for me.

In the section Making the Atari 800 Compatible with The!Cart, MyIDE II, and more I have added the description of the variant that works without modifying the PCB of the Atari 800. I have also added a link to Wolfsoft's blog, where he shows how an original Atari 800 cartridge shell can be modified to house a "The!Cart V2".

Last week I attended Revision, and biobern joined for the first time. It was motivating to meet some Atari people in person again and to see Atari releases on the big screen. If things turn out right, I'll also be at Outline in May.

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