In December 2015, the ABBUC celebrated its 30th anniversary. A small team of club members invested countless hours into making all content, disks image, magazine issues, and special edition magazines of these 30 years available in a convenient and easy-to-consume form on DVD. It was released one year ago, in June 2016, and given as an annual special to all 450 club members.

I spent weeks debugging other people's code from 198x to make it work on modern configurations. You wouldn't believe that many programs only work because of pure luck. Well, people were new to the platform, and documentation was unavailable. So you POKEd around until you found a way that worked and released the program to the public. At one point, after months of work, the content management system of the main editor broke and took all the work to hell. After going through the valley of despair, we rebuilt it all from scratch so I could automatically generate an HTML menu that works on all host platforms. Ultimately the work resulted in improvements to Altirra's OS emulation and a German Quick Start Guide for Altirra.

You should change that if you are interested in the Atari 8-bit computer and the DVD and are not yet an ABBUC member. The annual membership fee is still 50 Deutsche Marks, as in 1985 when it all began. That's 36 EUR in today's currency. You get a double-sided 5¼-inch floppy disk with news and programs plus a full-color printed paper mag quarterly. In addition, there are special mags and annual specials and events. The disk and the paper mag are in German because that is the native language of most members (apart from ATARI BASIC, of course). Yet the ABBUC forums are open for English threads and posts, too.