The original "The!Cart" was delivered with a relatively cheap shell to keep the price low. Sven Pink from the A.B.B.U.C. created the first version of a 3D printable shell in 2015, but it was never officially released. Only one prototype was printed back then, which I own. Sven lacks the time, and I lack the skills and equipment to continue the design. So I decided to release the files in their current state. You can download the OpenSCAD (".scad") and stereo lithography (".stl") files for printing your shell for the first version of "The!Card". If you get usable results and maybe create improved versions of the model, I'd be happy to add pictures of your shells here and update the download accordingly. Visit the new "The!Cart" page for more details. You can also visit the corresponding thread on AtariAge for questions and feedback.

The!Cart Shell, front, closed The!Cart Shell, opened, PCB fittedThe!Cart Shell, opened, PCB removed