A new version of the IDE is available via the update site and as zero installation download. When I started recording the 7th part of the Programming the Atari XL/XE video tutorial, I found that the graphics editor and hex editor were not as usable as they should be. So I decided to implement some improvements and fixes first. At the same time, several OS X users reported issues with installing Java 1.7 on their machines, making it difficult for them to use WUDSN IDE. Hence I invested quite some time in reworking the code to run appropriately with "good old" Java 1.6. 


  • This version can run with Java 1.6 (JRE/JDK), so also a vanilla OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), and  Mavericks (10.9) can run it out of the box.
  • Improved handling of relative file paths in source and binary includes.
  • Zero installation download now uses Eclipse 4.3.2. Of course, you can keep using Eclipse 4.3.1 if you already have it installed.

Graphics Editor:

  • All buttons now have icons with tooltips.
  • Enabling input fields and change detection is consistent now.
  • Typing into any file path of a text field updates the dirty indicator immediately, so you see if there are unsaved changes.
  • Toggling the "Shrink" and "Zoom" buttons updates the image size correctly now.
  • Line numbers have been added in the script editor.
  • The line with the cursor is highlighted in the script editor.
  • New default converter scripts for converting character sets have been added.
  • Error messages in case of script errors have been improved, and the cursor is positioned to the error location in the source.

Hex Editor:

  • When opening a file with the Hex Editor, performance improved by 10 to 20 times. Now a file with 1 MB is opened in less than 1 second.
  • Allowed maximum file size has been increased to 8 MB.
  • ATR files with 256 bytes boot sectors are now handled correctly because they are relatively common even though they violate the ATR specification
  • ATR files created from single Atari COM files, so-called "k-files", are now detected automatically. The ATR's sectors are displayed for them, and the segments of the contained Atari COM file are shown in the outline and the editor.
  • C64-PRG files are now detected automatically.