One of the reasons why I created WUDSN IDE is to make it easy for people to (re)start working with 6502 assembly language for their beloved Atari, C64, or other machines. As you can see in Tutorial Part 1, the installation from scratch is easy and fast.

To make your initial steps even more accessible, I now provide a ready-to-run zero installation distribution named "" for Windows 64-bit operating systems. It contains the Eclipse Platform, the latest stable version of the WUDSN IDE plugin, all supported compilers, and an emulator for each supported platform. All paths to folders, compilers, and emulators are pre-configured. Unpack the content of this archive to the directory "C:\jac\wudsn" and click the "WUDSN IDE" link - That's all. Eclipse will open with the predefined workspace that contains "Hello World" examples for different platforms. You can adapt, compile, and run the samples with a single click.

New zero installation distribution of WUDSN IDE