Welcome to the WUDSN ursel home page

WUDSN ursel - or short WUDSN - is a demo group founded in 1991. There is an explanation why the group and the site are named like that, but that's a different story you can find in the FAQ. For the time being it should be sufficient for you to know that I, aka JAC! am one of the members ever since. I have created this web site to offer my tools and productions and to share the fun I have had for more than 20 years now with my Atari-8 bit computer and other classic computers. To learn more about me and what I'm doing, check out this personal interview that I gave for ANTIC - the Atari 8-bit podcast.

Silly Venture 2k17 Pictures

SillyVenture 2k17 was a blast. 3 days of fun and excitement with friends from all over the world. The only party where they stop the competition to get all the audience on stage for a free beer - 4 times. Great location, excellent video and sound system, inexpensive food and drinks, VCS concert, video message from Nolan Bushnell, ... and a delicious birthday cake for 250 people.

Bajtek 130/2016 - Klan Atari

Sillyventure 2017 is getting closer and browsing through my older mail I found that TDC had sent me the following pictures from an article in the Polish "Bajtek" magazine. I don't understand a word of the party report, the picture speak for themselves - it's been a great party. So let's make Sillyventure great again ;-)

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Fujiama 2017

After 3 years I finally managed to attend the Fujiama party again. This time even with Tigerduck and for 3 days from 10-13th August 2017. Sascha created nice 2D (see below) and 3D (see here) impressions of the party place. We had lots of fun with Atari 850 repairs, Tempest Elite VBXE bug fixing, learning Mad Pascal, testing and fixing DIS6502 on/for Windows 95 (YES!), UAV hardware modding, MAC/65 tools hacking, multi-joy gaming and crazy Arduino stuff. And we had a new visitor record - thanks Helmut for making all this possible once again! 

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No, I did not forget the "S"

The book is really called "Asembler 6502" because it is a Polish book. It is a complete remake of the same book from 1987, with two additional chapters about WUDSN IDE and illegal opcodes. The additional chapter about WUDSN IDE was written by Marcin Sochacki from the ABBUC. Thanks Marcin, this is really awesome for me. Especially because in the 90ies being a "Poland Game" was a true sign of quality - and now the Polish coders use my IDE. What more can you achieve in life!

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