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WUDSN ursel - or short WUDSN - is a demo group founded in 1991. There is an explanation why the group and the site are named like that, but that's a different story you can find in the FAQ. For the time being it should be sufficient for you to know that I, Peter Dell aka JAC! am one of the members ever since. I have created this website to offer my tools and productions and to share the fun I have had for more than 20 years now with my Atari-8 bit computer and other classic computers. To learn more about me and what I'm doing, check out this personal interview that I gave for ANTIC - the Atari 8-bit podcast.

Site Update

Parts of the site were not available recently. Partly due to some changes in my local folder structure and party for probably clicking the wrong buttons. So I went renovated things a bit:

  • Restored IDE-related downloads and pages thanks to Kent Andersen and Pirx for letting me know there was an issue).
  • Installed the CookieHint plugin so you can control your consent to the cookie management for the website.
  • Added missing images in the IDE FAQ section.
  • Remove Webring navigation because webring.org has gone.
  • Added two new categories and pages "Atari Falcon" and "CBM/PEM" for the releases by Bernhard Kirsch and me. Releases will be added over time.
  • Updated the Parties page with parties and links.
  • Added an "Authors" attribute to all productions, to indicate which ones are not mine.
  • Added support for displaying of only the year of release, in case the month and day are unknown (zero).
  • Added links to Colleen Calculator for the scans and the source provided by Carol Shaw.


Silly Venture 2k21

TODO Link to the SV 2k21 article

SillyPack 2k19 released at Sillyventure 2020+1 Summer Edition

This pack contains a disk image in MyDos format with all Atari 8-bit releases of SillyVenture 2k19. It contains a proper results viewer which also acts as a menu from where you can directly start all releases and read the readmes. The menu remains memory resident, so you don't have to load it again every time. This makes watching the graphics entries and listening to the music entries much more fun, esp. on the real machine. These are the controls for the menu:

  • Pressing any key during loading the menu takes you to the DOS shell.
  • Pressing RESET in the menu performs a cold start.
  • Pressing RESET in while a release is running returns to the menu, if possible.
  • Further controls are displayed in the menu itself.

SillyPack 2k19


The download comes with a preconfigured Altirra which you can run with the required settings by simply clicking the "SillyPack2k19.bat" file.

A day at the lake...

My summer vacation has begun and finally, I find some time to relax at the lake reading the past issues of the A.B.B.U.C. magazine.

The www.abbuc.de website is also finally back online with the new design. The forums are also almost ready and should be online in a few days.


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