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Collabortition 1 - Edge Grinder :: written by Jason Kelk :: added 18 Sep 2011

Edge Grinder on the C64
Edge Grinder (C64)
Edge Grinder on the Amstrad CPC
Edge Grinder (Amstrad CPC)
Edge Grinder is the first Format War "Collabortition" (a combination of collaboration and competition, we made that up an' everything!) with the plan being for programmers on other 8-bits to consider ways to convert it from the C64 to their platform of choice.

Guide brave test pilot Lim Tandell, flying his prototype spaceship through the artificial Edge World and suddenly finding himself under attack. It becomes Limbo's job to destroy the evil creatures, freeing the world from their tyranny. Along with blowing away enemies and battling through the Edge World itself, Lim Tandell can further boost his score by taking the risk of grinding his ship against the edge of the landscape.

C64 (16K zipped - updated 2nd August 2011)
C64 (with loader) (32K zipped - added 18th September 2011)
C64 source code (28K zipped - updated 2nd August 2011)

Amstrad CPC (253K zipped - added 18th September 2011)
Amstrad CPC source code (76K zipped - added 18th September 2011)

Background and sprite data (44K zipped - 2nd August 2011)

In-game map (89.8K PNG - updated 31 May 2011)

Please note: The C64 source if formatted for the ACME cross assembler, whilst backgrounds and character sets were constructed using CharPad V1.0 and the sprites with SpritePad V1.8, both by SubChrist Software. The C64 music was composed with the Electronic Music System by Cosine.

Edge Grinder characters
Edge Grinder background characters
Edge Grinder sprites
Edge Grinder sprites
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