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 This page is a work in progress.

Edition Item What was Good? What can be improved? Comment
2022SE Stream Very good streaming quality The very long delay at the start should be removed. It makes the stream hard to navigate and far too long. So in the end it was even truncated and a 2nd stream had to be provided anyway.   
      During the day, when there are no compos, it would be great to have a stream showing what's going on in the hall with some audio. This time we had a stream, but there are no/broken audio and that was even worse than not having a stream. A solution would be to have one stream before the compo and 2nd one with the compos only.  
  Recordings Very good recordings with good framerate, no issues with emulation/bad framerates for 50 Hz/60 Hz demos. Recording from real HW is a good solution.    
  Compos Good presentation of which compo/entry was currently shown    
      Do not put all compos into a single day. Split the compos over 2 days. On the one hand, it is a test for all the equipment and streaming. Second, you at least have a 50% percent chance to stop it, fix it and show something the next day. It gives you more room to react and shift things. Smaller compo sections are simply much better to handle. Nobody can concentrate after 4h waiting and 7h of compost also. Neither the compo team nor the visitors.  
      Have compo breaks. 7h of compos without breaks (to get another beer and bring the last one to the toilet) is no fun. Not at the party place and not on the stream. You would not press "Pause" and then watch it with delay - you want the immediate reactions of the people in the room and the chat. There should be 10 min every 1 or 1,5 hours.  
    Option for people to provide their own recordings    

There should be some "pinned" / "fixed" place where the current status (compos will start in X, vote keys will be sent, we are working on problem X ...) should be constantly present. Ideally as a pinned status page/news entry on the SV homepage. It will be simpler for you and the (remote) sceners

Esp. on the stream we have questions and answers but they scroll out of reach so fast and it does not scale.

  Voting The online voting system worked very well (stable and simple). Information on how and when the vote keys will be sent was not communicated earlier.  
      There were several mixups/confusion when titles were missing/swapped. Of course, this will happen. But the information about that was not available really, see Infos/Voting above.  
   Location Crazy locations 

Every change in the location also means additional sources for problems, due to the equipment/power supply/toilets/drinks, etc. For me personally, a Silly Venture in the small hall and then heading for a small club for some hours has much more appeal than a big station where 200 people are far away from each other. 

  Frequency Option for people in summer

Two parties mean twice the effort and that can be very stressful. In addition, there are many established parties in summer that will lead to collisions (for people attending and for people creating releases). Then there is the summer holiday with family etc. which creates additional collisions.

And while the summer edition was for sure a good idea when Corona was the rage, the winter slot has always been a perfect fit for me personally. So maybe "downsizing" to once per year should be worth a thought.

  Orga Team Great team effort With the additional requirements of streaming, additional people are needed on top. And if possible, even more tasks need to be moved from Grey to other people. The announcement on FB looks very good here.  
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