GEOS 128 V2 ROMs and Disks

Burn one of these files into a 32k EPROM and insert it into U36 socket in C128. You can bypass its execution by holding RUN/STOP or C= key during power-up or reset. It will drop you into machine monitor (exit by 'x') or C64 mode.

These three files contain GEOS Kernal only. You still need a boot disk with at least DeskTop (but existing auto-execs will be executed before that). Boots always to 80 column mode and not much can be done about that. It is somewhat tuned to have a centered screen on my TV set so you might have problems with visual. Anyway, after DeskTop is loaded - press RETURN two times and you will switch into 40 column mode.

There are three versions:
Geos128Am1571 - American version with 1571 as device 8
Geos128Am1581 - American version with 1581 as device 8
Geos128Ge1581 - German version with 1581 as device 8

They contain raw data, there is no load address.

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