Site Update

The content has been split into into individual PHP pages. So instead of editing an HTML document with almost 4000 lines, I can not update more selectively and more frequently. In case you experience problem with the site now, please contact me.

  • The FAQ section on the tab WUDSN IDE has been structured into the sections ""Installation, Configuration, Editing and Compiling"
  • The following FAQs have been added or updated
    • When I try to start Eclipse is get an error like "Failed to load the JNI shared library 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll'". What is wrong?
    • Why is WUDSN IDE not available via the update site?
    • Why is MADS the primary compiler?
    • Why do I get the error "No ORG defined" when compiling the example from the tutorial?
    • How to I convert an ATASM source for to MADS format?
  • All supported 6502 compilers are now contained in a single download archive . The installation section for compilers has been updated accordingly
  • The download URL for DASM has been changed to because some ... Atari lawyers forced Andrew Davie to shut down after 11 years
  • For DASM the new version 2.10.11 is now included. The Mac OS X PowerPC version is now also included
  • For MADS the new version 1.9.3 (source, examples and Windows executable) is now included. Executables for other platforms will follow
  • The source example and related screen shots in the section "Creating and compiling an example project" have been updated to the syntax of MADS, which is the default compiler since 1.6.0