Teenage dream challenge

Today I started with the ambiguous assembler project I ever did. In the 1990ies I used ATMAS the largest project were around 1.000 lines of code. Visdom II took 6 months of coding on an Amiga 500 cross-development system and has about 2.000 lines of code. Thanks to MADS and WUDSN IDE, I could create Silly Things within 3 months and the result has 10.000 lines of code.

The new project exceeds this in two aspects:

  • First, it is in a class of programs in which I've tried to succeed many times - and I failed
  • Second, first estimations show that there will be more than 17.000 lines of code for sure

But why the hell do I think it can be done? Well, this is something I have been dreaming of for years. I feel now I have the experience to give a teenage dream a try. Also my tools are now so good that I can use a totally different approach to tackle the complexity. Unfortunately there are also some legal aspects that have to be clarified first. If I am unlucky, the legal aspects will prevent my project. Let's wait and see...