Celebrating 3 years WUDSN IDE - 6500 hits - 1000 views for the video tutorial

Today it is exactly 3 years since I've release version 1.0.0 of WUDSN IDE - (to himself) Wow. I can safely say that I never thought it would become so rich in terms of features and so widely used in terms of platform. Even more, I am sure it would have failed if I had started out with these goals in mind. The same goes for the video tutorials. I started them because I found it too hard to re-write the feature list into a proper documentation. And they turned out to be the based way of getting information to the consumers. With the new recoding equipment this also easy for me and I plan to create a "Coding an 8-bit oldschool cracktro in 15 minutes" tutorial soon after the next release.

Tutorial part 1