Site Update

Parts of the site were not available recently. Partly due to some changes in my local folder structure and party for probably clicking the wrong buttons. So I went renovated things a bit:

  • Restored IDE-related downloads and pages thanks to Kent Andersen and Pirx for letting me know there was an issue).
  • Installed the CookieHint plugin so you can control your consent to the cookie management for the website.
  • Added missing images in the IDE FAQ section.
  • Remove Webring navigation because has gone.
  • Added two new categories and pages "Atari Falcon" and "CBM/PEM" for the releases by Bernhard Kirsch and me. Releases will be added over time.
  • Updated the Parties page with parties and links.
  • Added an "Authors" attribute to all productions, to indicate which ones are not mine.
  • Added support for displaying of only the year of release, in case the month and day are unknown (zero).
  • Added links to Colleen Calculator for the scans and the source provided by Carol Shaw.


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