Bad Apple HD released

At Silly Venture 2k18, we have released this Atari 8-bit demo by Lucy, MotionRide and JAC!. Took 5 years to compete and has the following unique selling points

  • works on unexpanded Atari 400 with 16k RAM or higher machine
  • works on both PAL and NTSC machines, PAL recommended
  • only uses passive ROMs and standard tapes, no external CPU, microcontroller etc.
  • 384 x 232 pixels, full overscan display
  • 50 frames per second, dynamically adapted on NTSC
  • real voice audio from the "educational soft" left tape channel
  • additional intro and outro part resulting in 5:35 total runtime
  • 177 MB of raw video compressed to 41 MB of video using unique ANTIC hardware compression
  • 29 MB uncompressed 16-bit PCM audio

 You can read the full story behind it's creation and the technical details  here.